WSH Experts offer a Hazard, Assessment and Control Safety Compliance Review stack up your existing health and safety program against the standards.

We utilize the specialized audit format, which involves an on-site evaluation of documents and a review of your operations. We take on the role of the auditor to thoroughly assess the health and safety program – as well as help you maintain compliance by giving you viable solutions.

Comprehensive and Thorough Analysis

Our Gap Analysis is a very comprehensive and thorough analysis of your current health and safety program. It will detail all the areas pertaining to health and safety that you should focus on to not only ensure compliance – but to excel in health and safety. If some elements are lacking at your workplace, you will know exactly what you need to do to bring your program up to standard.

It is also good practice to review and assess your health and safety program every year – to ensure relevancy and compliance.

How WSH Experts can help you?

Our trained experts will come and assess your workplace – reviewing your policies and procedures, health and safety materials, hazard identification report, the reporting channels for injuries and illnesses, health and safety training provided to employees, first aid accessibility, return to work schedules and plans, etc. It will be all documented and presented in a complete report, listing out which areas have scored well and which areas you need to focus on.


Third-party audit occurs when a company has decided that they want to create a quality management system (QMS) that conforms to a standard set of requirements, such as ISO 9001 and hire an independent company to perform an audit to verify that the company has succeeded in this endeavor.

  • These independent companies are called certification bodies or registrars, and they are in the business of conducting audits to compare and verify that the QMS meets all the requirements of the chosen standard and continues to meet the requirements on an ongoing basis.
  • They then provide certification to companies that they approve. This can be used to give customers of the certified company confidence that the QMS meets all the requirements of the chosen standard.

  • As per WSH (Safety and Health Management System and Auditing) Regulations 2009, if any work site with a contract sum of less than $30 million, the work place must conduct internal review of Safety and Health management system at least once in every 6 months.
  • For shipyard in which less than 200 persons are employed must conduct internal review of Safety and Health management system at least once every 12 months.

How WSH Experts can help you?

We can assist your company in Safety and Health Management System Audits.

What is Gap Analysis Audit?

  • A Gap Analysis Audit is conducted if a more cost effective approach is required. This will determine how far off from or close to your company is from the relevant standards, Naturally, the closer your company is to the standard, the cheaper the quotation.

It is a First Party Internal Audit to understand the organisations current status of compliance to an Anystandard. It is the most effective method to determine the current conformance to an ISO standard and respective legal requirements.

How we can help you?

  • At WSH Experts, we are experts in helping organizations to achieve their potential. Our gap analysis audits will help you decide how you need to adjust your management systems to be ready for certification and will enable you to understand the performance of your systems against the requirements of the related certification standard. A gap analysis can be carried out independently of any certification activity and regardless of whether you plan to work with WSH Experts for the full certification process.
  • As a first step to certification a gap analysis audit will help you confirm the success of work already completed, and also to identify systems, processes and documentation which may need improvement. Our experienced auditors will guide you through the process of determining and documenting your organization’s current capabilities.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of international management systems standards. We will benchmark your performance against these standards and report on the corrective actions necessary to reach your desired standard.