Compliance Audit

WSH Experts offer a Hazard, Assessment and Control Safety Compliance Review stack up your existing health and safety program against the standards.

We utilize the specialized audit format, which involves an on-site evaluation of documents and a review of your operations. We take on the role of the auditor to thoroughly assess the health and safety program – as well as help you maintain compliance by giving you viable solutions.

Comprehensive and Thorough Analysis

Our Gap Analysis is a very comprehensive and thorough analysis of your current health and safety program. It will detail all the areas pertaining to health and safety that you should focus on to not only ensure compliance – but to excel in health and safety. If some elements are lacking at your workplace, you will know exactly what you need to do to bring your program up to standard.

It is also good practice to review and assess your health and safety program every year – to ensure relevancy and compliance.

How WSH Experts can help you?

Our trained experts will come and assess your workplace – reviewing your policies and procedures, health and safety materials, hazard identification report, the reporting channels for injuries and illnesses, health and safety training provided to employees, first aid accessibility, return to work schedules and plans, etc. It will be all documented and presented in a complete report, listing out which areas have scored well and which areas you need to focus on.