Construction Safety Course for Project Managers(CSCPM)

Course Overview
To familiarize participants on:
  • WSH Act & Subsidiary Legislation
  • Safety and Health hazards in the Construction Industry
  • How to prevent accidents in Construction Worksites
  • Implementation of Safety and Health Management system
This course is a mandatory training course for individuals who are appointed as a Project Manager to be in charge of all construction activities in building and engineering construction worksites of a contract sum of $10 million or more shall attend the Construction Safety Course for Project Managers before undertaking such project.
Who should attend this Course? – Project managers, project directors, construction managers, project engineers in the construction industry.

Course Content
1. Understanding Workplace Safety and Health legislations
2. WSH (WSH Committees) Regulations 2008
3. WSH (Construction) Regulations 2007
4. General Worksite Safety
5. Mechanical Material Handling and Scaffold
6. Excavation, Tunnelling Work and Compressed Air Environment
7. Occupational Health
8. An Overview of Risk Management
9. Accident Prevention and Investigation
10. Safety and Health Management System

Course Duration:34 hours

Trainer: Trainee Ratio – 1 : 20

Assessment:Written and practical / Role play / Case study

Certification: Upon successful completion of the course a certificate issued by Partner Training Organization.

1. Knowledge of the construction industry activities
2. ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 6 and above or equivalence
3. Must be holding the position of Chairman of Safety Committee, Project Manager,Project Engineer, Superintendent or equivalent post to be eligible to attend this course


Price of Course: $350/- (subject to GST)
After SDF Funding: S$35 (up to 90%, subject to WDA Terms and Conditions Apply),

Funding Ref Code: CRS-N-0025965
SDU Point: 34 points
PDU Point: 32 points

Funding Info – To be eligible for funding, participants must attend at least 75% of each module of the course.