Green and Gracious Builder Scheme

Green and Gracious Builder Scheme –Newly Launched in February 2009 with a broad view to Promote Environment Protection and Gracious Practices during the Construction Phase of Projects.

BCA Contractors registered under CW01 and CW02 with grades A1, A2, B1 and B2 and those intending to seek registration in these work heads/grades are strictly required to obtain BCA’s Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) certification.

Significant Benefits:

Adoption of innovative green practices

Optimization of cost saving by energy conservation and waste transformation

Safe, healthy and gracious working environment for the staffs

Better manpower development, effective engagement and management

How can we help you?

Our consultancy approach is tailored to support the specific needs of company, to build strength and provide sustainable solution, based on BCA GGBS assessment criteria. The company could rely on our honed GGBS expertise to make it through the journey to the realm of GGBS prestigious award.

Our experts train you through the most effective and scientific method to entertain the purpose easily and quickly. We are widely acknowledge for our extreme contribution to enrich the environment greener. And, of course it avails you a good work place to liquidate your expertise in the most beneficial way from health point of view.