7. ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System(EnMS)

ISO 50001:2011 is designed to help organisations establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. It replaces – and is very similar to – BS EN 16001.
  • It specifies the requirements for an energy management system to develop and implement policy and objectives, while taking into account significant energy aspects and legal requirements.
  • ISO 50001 is ideal for organisations that already have ISO 9001 – the world’s most established Quality Management standard – or the environmental management system (EMS) standard ISO 14001. This is because those systems are fully compatible and use the same methodology. Therefore, new documentation can be added to existing systems and internal auditors can be up-skilled accordingly.
  • While, in theory, the environmental management system standard ISO 14001 can be used to manage energy in parallel with all other environmental impacts, its methodologies are not sufficient to deal adequately with the complexities of energy and carbon reduction – hence the need for ISO 50001.
  • Organisations with ISO 9001 that have a top priority of improving energy management to reduce carbon emissions and/or minimal other environmental impacts may opt for ISO 50001, and may not need ISO 14001.
Benefits of ISO 50001:
  • Drive down energy consumption and carbon emissions in a systematic way with greater management focus and commitment.
  • Establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system.
  • Train, raise awareness and provide continuity through changes of personnel.
  • Obtain certification of the EnMS or make a self-evaluation and self-declaration of conformance with the standard.
  • Demonstrate energy and carbon performance to key stakeholders such as staff, customers, suppliers and shareholders.