Managing Agent Services

WSH Experts is committed to provide Managing agent service sand implements a thorough, structured approach with the right management in place to provide excellent integrated service.

As the Managing Agent for our clients’ properties, we embark on many aspects of property management.

  • We carry out regular inspection of the facilities and ensure that the facilities are in satisfactory and serviceable condition and properly maintained according to the standards required by the relevant authorities.
  • We ensure cost-efficiencies for our client. In addition, we prepare, call, evaluate and administer various tenders for routine maintenance works, services and supplies and to advise on the selection of suitable contractors/specialists and to award such tenders.
  • we ensure that all repairs and routine maintenance works undertaken by the contractors are carried out properly and completed satisfactorily in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • We certify completion of jobs undertaken by contractors and to make recommendation for payment undertaken by service providers.
  • We comply with all notices issued by the relevant authorities and co-ordinate all inspections and tests as required by the relevant authorities.

As part of the provision of Managing Agent services, we possess the capacity to co-ordinate on consultancy works performed by Professional Consultants, related to upgrading, repainting or renovation

Service Include:

  • Accounting
  • Liaison with Government Bodies
  • Organise Council Meetings
  • Organise AGMs and EOGMs