Legal Updating (Quarterly)

With constantly changing legislation and increases in fines, it’s sometimes difficult for businesses to be sure they’re remaining compliant.

Businesses sign up to the Legislation Update Service when they’re spending too much time looking for information about new and existing legislation or when they need reassurance that they aren’t missing anything.

How WSH EXPERTS  Can help you ?

We monitor all new health, safety and environmental legislation (around 10,000 words a day) and then summarise each new piece in plain English.  Subscribers then receive updates on these new pieces BUT only on the pieces that are relevant to their business.

By subscribing to the Legislation Update Service, businesses find they have more time and feel assured that they’re compliant with the law.

Legal Register

An increasing amount of our customers are looking at implementing ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 and need a legal register to demonstrate their compliance to the auditor.  The Legislation Update Service is a perfect way to demonstrate this, and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from auditors who find it makes the audit process easier.

The online legal register records all legislation that’s relevant to a company and is automatically updated with new law.  It also allows them to record how they’re complying with this legislation and attach relevant documents.  Pretty handy when you’re being audited!

How the Service can help you ?

  • It saves people time – The legal register is easy to use, implement, integrate into existing management systems and access remotely. Subscribers can also manage the whole of a multi-site company from one location and allow staff to share information and best practice across sites.
  • It saves businesses money – Think of all the man-hours needed to trawl through all the environmental legislation out there, work out which parts apply, and keep a record of compliance. The legal register does all of this.
  • It helps businesses stay compliant – Subscribers will never miss a new piece of legislation again. The service tells subscribers which pieces of legislation are relevant to their business and what they need to do to comply. Our confidential telephone advice line also gives expert advice whenever our customers need it.


  • The ability to create a bespoke online HSE legal register
  • Automatic update of the legal register every month
  • Easy to use navigation through the legal register by filters
  • Includes links to full text versions of the legislation
  • An upload facility for relevant documents
  • An option to comment on individual pieces of legislation to show compliance and create an audit trail for evaluation (which is a mandatory requirement for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001)
  • The Aspects Register tool – which enables businesses to rate their environmental impacts and list their most significant impacts to improve upon
  • The option to assign time-based actions to individual users
  • A multiple site option – individual bespoke registers for each site can be easily managed under one umbrella
  • Monthly updates in the form of a bespoke newsletter
  • An option to download the full legal register
  • Legislation support through our telephone advice line.