Workplace Safety & Health Officer

WSH EXPERTS  is a professional firm offering ESH Outsourcing Services such as Full time / Part time safety professionals who are qualified with recognized certificates & services.

What We Serve

Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy and a fast growing trend in many organisations. Outsourcing part or whole of the WSH function will allow the company to give greater attention to key business operational matters.

We deploys qualified WSH professionals to help our clients accomplish their WSH goals and objectives. Our WSH professionals have vast experience relevant to all major commercial, industrial, and service sectors.

Our range of professional deployment includes:

  • MOM RegisteredWorkplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO)
  • NEA RegisteredEnvironmental Control Officers (ECO)
  • SCDF ApprovedFire Safety Managers (FSM)
  • WSH Coordinator
  • Auditors
  • Other positions as required at sites or at factories

The primary responsibility of ensuring workers’ safety and health lies with the occupier or employer as enshrined in the main WSH Act. Our full time or part time professionals can assist in helping to raise the safety and health standard and performance of your organization.

We can also provide gas meter and noise monitoring equipment on rental basis along with professional to handle it and measure.

How We Serve?

The benefit of our outsourcing service is that we will take care of all the employee remuneration and benefits while companies only need to pay a lump sum fee every month.Other Benefits are,

  • All are professionally qualified & experience personnel
  • Available to start immediately
  • Covering your temporary staff absence
  • Gains flexibility to meet increasing workloads
  • Avoids cost & demand of recruiting
  • Avoid cost for job advertising
  • Adding expertise to your existing staff
  • Act as a mentor to less experienced staff
  • Will offer you candid and independent advice