Gap Analysis Audit

gap analysis is mainly a determination of the degree of conformance of your organization to the requirements of a specification or standard. A gap analysis is mainly a document review or a “show me the evidence” activity, evidence which usually will come in the form of a record or document.Sep 2, 2010



Gap analysis is a proactive approach to ensure your safety and health management system is effective and complying with relevant WSH and other legislation. 

IOM Singapore’s gap analysis and compliance assistance service covers a wide range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.  We work closely with you to identify key areas that may need immediate attention and advise on practical health and safety improvement plans and initiatives. 

Our consultants are up to date with WSH and other legislation and will ensure your organisation is prepared for all your workplace health and safety obligations. Our WSH Gap Analysis service covers:

  • An initial review of client’s operations, structure, existing management system, and training of employees.
  • Walk through audit of the workplace.
  • Discussion of results and recommendations to achieve legislative compliance.
  • Documented report to client.