Project Management

WSH Experts is committed to full project and site management for every project and implements a thorough, structured approach to building works with the right management in place to supply a seamless service.

To facilitate smooth operations, every project that we undertake will be handled by a qualified and experienced team consisting of:

  1. Project Manger
  2. Construction Manager
  3. Engineer
  4. Project Coordinators
  5. Resident Engineer
  6. Resident Technical Officer
  7. Quantity Surveyor
  8. Planner
  9. Contracts Personnel
  10. Admin Personnel
  11. Account Personnel

Our detailed work plan will take into account all major components of the project such as:

  1. Budget.
  2. Target completion date.
  3. Key milestones.
  4. Procurement plans.
  5. Contingencies.
  6. Health and safety.
  7. Other necessary elements.