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Transport or transportation is the movement of humans, animals and goods from one location to another. Modes of transport include air, land (rail and road), water, cable, pipeline and space. The field can be divided into infrastructure, vehicles and operations. Transport is important because it enables trade between people, which is essential for the development of civilizations.

Different modes of transport:

Road transport

Railway transport

Water transport

Air transport

Pipeline transport

Transport system is facing a number of big challenges over the coming years and decades. Below are some major problems of road transportation:

  • Traffic Management
  • Poor safety (causes deaths and injuries)
  • Major source of pollution: air, noise, light, water (causes health problems)
  • High rates of accidents on the roads due to poor state of the roads.
  • There is a lack of accountability of some Regional Engineers in the country.


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Local distributions:

Discusses the distribution network within the country from how products enter to final destination, including reliability and condition of distribution mechanisms, major distribution centers, ports, etc.

Actually, this is not easy as we think, Carrying things from one place to another. It’s all about the care and aware of its importance and safety. Only experts can handle this well.

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