SS 577:2012 Water Efficiency Management System(WEMS)

Water Efficiency Management System is designed to help organisations better manage water usage, the Singapore Standards Council, together with key stakeholders from government agencies and industry, have developed the new Singapore Standard SS 577 on Water Efficiency Management Systems.


The purpose of SS577:2012 standard is to enable organisations to assess and account for their water usage, and to identify, plan and implement measures to achieve water savings through systematic management of water. The SS577:2012 standard includes a set of framework and guidelines, suggested tools and best practices for water users to adopt so as to improve water usage and water efficiency.

SS577:2012 specifies requirements including monitoring, measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes and personnel that could contribute to water efficiency. The SS577:2012 water efficiency standard also helps facilitate organisations in preparing for their Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP); which helps to identify water saving measures and to establish an action plan for water management.

Benefits of SS577:2012 :

  • Adopt a systematic approach to Manage water efficiency.
  • Achieve water savings and reduce operational costs.
  • Assist in development & reporting of water efficiency management plan (WEMP).
  • Increase stakeholder assurance on water issues.
  • Enhance image as a green sustainability corporate organization.