Supervision of Metal Scaffold Erection Course

Course Overview
Under the WSH Act 2006 (Scaffolds) Regulations: “The scaffold supervisor shall be a person who has undergone a course of training approved by the Commissioner” – Regulation 6(1). This course of training is the “Supervision of Metal Scaffold Erection Course”.
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify and clearly explain the following:
  • Material Requirements for scaffolding
  • Safety in erection and dismantling of scaffold including hazard identification and risk assessment
  • The WSH Act 2006 (Scaffolds)
  • Prepare and implement the scaffold inspection checklist
  • Requirements, purposes and key points for consideration when selecting different types of scaffolds
Who should attend this Course?
This course is suitable for metal scaffold erectors who want to be metal scaffold supervisors.
Course Content
  1. Introduction to scaffold
  2. Material Requirement and Work platform requirement
  3. Material Requirement for Frame scaffold
  4. Birdcage Scaffolding Requirements
  5. Erection requirement of Tower scaffold and Modular scaffold
  6. Suspended scaffold and Special scaffold
  7. Scaffolds Regulations Scaffolds register and inspection checklist Safety in Erection and Dismantling of Scaffold
Course Duration
75 hours (Include 7.5 hours of assessment hours)
Trainer : Trainee Ratio
1 : 12
Practical and Theory assessment
Upon successful completion of the course a certificate and safety pass issued by Partner Training organization.
Participants must provide a copy of their scaffold erector’s certificate from any MOM Accredited Training Provider.
Course Fees
$690/- (subject to GST) After SDF Funding:S$69 (up to 90%, subject to WDA Terms and Conditions Apply)
Funding Ref Code : CRS-N-0030271
SDU Points
To be confirmed later.
Funding Info
To be eligible for funding, participants must attend at least 75% of each module of the course.