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Transcription services are in high demand for many businesses today. There are a lot of outsourcing companies you can hire to do any type of transcription service you need, but choosing the right one is always a bit tricky. Nowadays, there are numerous providers in the industry so picking the right service can be quite challenging.

WSH Experts provides the highly quality dictation and transcription solutions for your business.

Find the Right Transcription Service Providers or companies:

When you outsource work to any provider, the decision should not merely be made based on costs alone. Before you plan to, you should know what transcription service actually is.


 Transcription Services


First, you must determine what type of transcription service you require. Each transcription service provider will have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In general sense, transcription service is a business designed to convert speech into electronic text documents or in written formats.

These services are mostly designed for legal, business or medical purposes. The common form of transcription is from spoken language source into text, like computer file suitable printing documents like a report.

Why us?

WSH Experts offers transcription services to our customers at unbeatable prices. We are making your transcription work too easy. Our highly skilled trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders transcribe your files.

We are offering fast, accurate and superior quality transcription services faster than expected with utmost customer satisfaction. We are converting interviews, telephone conversations, group conversations and digital recordings.


 Transcription Services


“Transcribe & Transform”

Apart from basic Transcription Service, Our professionals at WSH Experts can provide additional services

Academic Transcription,

Audio/ video Transcription Services,

Cassette Tape And Analog Transcription Services,

Cloud Transcription Services, Speech Transcription Services,

Research Transcription Services,

Recorded Statement Transcription Services,

Podcast Transcription Services,

Medical Transcription Services,

Education Transcription,

Voice Transcription Service,

Conference Call Transcription,

DVD Transcription Services among others.